"Providing expert Project and Transformation Change Management services to support you in achieving your company's vision."


I am a senior experienced certified IT professional providing Program and Change Management expertise.

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Any Project Manager can claim to get the job done but I can not only explain how I add value to my customers, but I also demonstrate it.

I make sure we overcome hurdles and deliver

Companies continue to look for Project Managers with proven expertise who can meet timelines and stick to budgets - even when not everything goes to plan.


"Mark is a gifted Program manager with a rare combination of emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and client focus. I’m lucky to have worked with Mark who showed great strength and calmness in challenging situations and an unnerving focus on the outcome. He's not only interested in delivering an outcome but ensuring development for the team along the way." Redmond O'Leary, Gartner

“Mark's interpersonal skills and ability to work with both senior management and our diverse range of customers has directly led to our successes. Mark’s breath and in-depth knowledge of technology coupled with his methodology, ensures that solutions that are technically excellent, cost effective and are future aware." Tim Willoughby, CTO, Local Government Management Agency

"Mark always pays attention to detail and is great for translating the business needs into deliverables. I highly recommend Mark if you need to ensure that a project is delivered on time and to expectations." Kevin Gleeson, Director Of Global Procurement, ICON plc

"Mark is a great guy to work with. Always brings a positive attitude and level of professionalism to the teams he leads. I'd look forward to an opportunity to work together again in the future." Paul Norris, Portfolio Director Business Intelligence and Analytics, Version 1